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CAS50 Collection

As part of its 50-years celebration, the Computer Arts Society agreed to support an exhibition of artwork from artists who have been associated with the Society. It was planned that this exhibition would be first shown in Leicester in Summer 2018 and then tour elsewhere over the following year.

Support for the exhibition from the artists invited has been such that the project is now being expanded to become the CAS50 Collection. This will be a collection of high-quality computer artworks, donated by the artists, that we intend to develop over the coming years and ultimately donate to a suitable museum or gallery.

The collection is currently being curated by Sean Clark of Interact Digital Arts in Leicester, who has donated much of his own collection or artworks to the project. As the collection grows, with more artists and collectors becoming involved, we hope to establish a unique and accessible resource for people interested in digital and computer-based art.

The current artists in the collection are Stephen Bell, Peter Beyls, boredomresearch, Daniel Brown, Paul Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, Sue Gollifer, Desmond Henry, William Latham, Andy Lomas and Stephen Scrivener. Many of the artists featured are in the V&A collection and are Lumen Prize nominees and winners.

We intend to make the CAS50 Collection available for exhibition at venues and galleries for a minimal cost. Please send any exhibition proposals to cas50@computer-art-society.com.

Artists & Artworks

Exhibitions & Showings

Monday 21st May - Wednesday 13th June 2018
CAS50 Exhibition Leicester
LCB Depot, Leicester, LE1 1RE
Featuring artwork by Stephen Bell, Peter Beyls, Desmond Henry, Ernest Edmonds, Sean Clark, Paul Brown, William Latham, boredomresearch, Sue Gollifer, Stephen Scrivener, Daniel Brown and Andy Lomas.