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You can join CAS by subscribing to the CAS email list at JISCMail. You may also be interested in the Digital Arts History list.

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To join the Computer Arts Society mailing list, go to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/CAS and follow instructions to join the CAS list.

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CAS Committee

Dr Nick Lambert - n.lambert@bbk.ac.uk

Sean Clark - seanc@cuttlefish.com

BCS and EVA Liaison
Dr George Mallen - george@ssl.co.uk

Membership Secretary
Iris Asaf - i.asaf@ucl.ac.uk

Paul Brown - paul@paul-brown.com

Editor of PAGE
Paul Brown - paul@paul-brown.com

Committee Members
Dr Stuart Cunningham - s.cunningham@glyndwr.ac.uk
Sue Gollifer - S.C.Gollifer@bton.ac.uk
Tony Mann - A.Mann@gre.ac.uk
Catherine Mason - catherine.mason@dsl.pipex.com
Dr Mark Palmer - Mark.Palmer@uwe.ac.uk
Tony Pritchett - tony@agmp.net
John Sharp - sliceforms@yahoo.co.uk
Dr Alex Zivanovic - alex@zivanovic.co.uk
Dr Stephen Boyd Davis - s.boyd-davis@mdx.ac.uk