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Building on the work done by the CACHe Project we are creating a comprehensive online database of CAS-related documents and websites. We are also starting to archive video and audio recordings on YouTube and pictures on Flickr. If you have any material to contribute please contact webmaster@computer-arts-society.org.


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March 1972

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February 1972

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December 1971

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October 1971

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July 1971

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June 1971

May 1971

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January 1971

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October 1970

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August 1970

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July 1970

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May 1970

March 1970

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February 1970

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November 1969

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  • CACHe Project (Archived 23/02/2012)

    From 2002 to 2005 CACHe was based at the Vasari Lab in the School of History of Art and Visual Media, Birkbeck, University of London. It digitised and catalogued the image holdings of the Computer Arts Society and several other archives that charted the development of computer-based art in the UK.

  • Nick Lambert's Computer Art Thesis (Archived 20/02/2012)

    A critical examination of 'computer art' by Nick Lambert. This is the online version of the text submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) at the University of Oxford 2003.

  • Technocultures Project (Archived 21/02/2012)

    Computer Art & Technocultures was a major three-year project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to study the history of computer-generated art. The project was based jointly at Birkbeck and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), and was completed in August 2010.