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Mon, 11 Apr 2016 6:30pm
An evening with Larry Cuba

Monday 11th April. Talk will begin at 18.30.

British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London.

This event is free and all are welcome, but please book tickets through Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-evening-with-larry-cuba-tickets-24381949066

Introduced by Nick Lambert and Paul Brown, this evening will introduce the work of Larry Cuba, through discussion and screening of his work. This will be followed by a question and answer session with Cuba himself.

Cuba is a pioneer of computer graphics known for his animation work, including short films: 3/78 (Objects and Transformations) (1978), Two Space (1979) and Calculated Movements (1985) and has worked on computer graphics for numerous films since the 1970s.

Image: Still from Two Space (1979)

Larry Cuba website: http://www.well.com/user/cuba/index.html

Mon, 21 Mar 2016 6:00pm
How to Radicalise your Mobile Phone - Dr Ben Kirman

Location: British Computer Society, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA

Reserve places through eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/computer-arts-society-lecture-ben-kirman-tickets-22218110968

Mobile phones perform as servants - conscientious, ready to help and always listening. In this subversive talk, I explore how mobile devices can be twisted to act as instigators, daring their owners into unusual situations and uncomfortable experiences. Drawing from a range of recent projects, we will uncover the mischievous potential of a technology that is designed to be aware of its surroundings. By reframing mobile phones as a powerful tool for provocative and critical experiences, I challenge the public to reassess their relationship with their telephone as it twists from obsequious gadget into the sort of bad influence our parents warned us about.

Ben Kirman is a Lecturer in Interactive Media at the University of York's Department of Theatre, Film and Television. Specialising in the design of critical and provocative interactive systems, Ben's work weaves the social fabric of spaces into subversive location-based digital experiences to explore unconventional aspects of the human-computer relationship. This interdisciplinary work draws from computer science, game studies, psychology, HCI and the arts and has led to a wide collection of mischievous projects and publications - including,notoriously, the publication of science fiction, guitar tabs and homoerotic stories at a world-leading HCI conference. His provocative work has been covered widely by the mainstream press including the BBC, New York Times, The Guardian, New Scientist and Your Cat Magazine.

Mon, 18 Jan 2016 6:00pm
MzTEK.org - Sophie Mc Donald

Image credit: Katrin Baumgarten, Raging Roger, 2011

Date: Monday 18th Jan
Time: 6pm
Location: BCS London, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA

MzTEK.org is a women's art and technology education and showcasing initiative, founded in 2009 by Sophie McDonald and Sally Northmore, in collaboration with Space Studios, with the aim of addressing the gender imbalance in it's field. It is a loose collection of women artists working with technology that come together to run workshops, talk series and showcases. We have worked in a variety of settings including art centres, museums, conferences, collages, and music festivals, to deliver fun, accessible creative technology workshops to women, and to the wider public. We have worked closely with partners including the V&A, Barbican, Space Studios and Access Space. This talk will present some of the major projects MzTEK has delivered since 2009 including Chi-TEK and Hacked Human Orchestra.