BA IT2 Week 3

Background Reading

The Place of High-Technology Art in the Contemporary Art Scene – Frank Popper


Lecture 3


Notes on Lecture 3

Lecture 03 – Chronology of late 20th c Art Themes and Artists

Experiments in Art and Technology Notes

Fluxus Notes


Marcel Duchamp talking about his work


A diagram of early 20th century art, created by Alfred H Barr for an exhibition of Surrealism in 1936
- and an explanation of Barr’s diagram here

Assignment: Ideas to Recycle

Following the example of Maurice Benayoun’s “The Dump” (see and ) it’s interesting to think of ideas from the history of art and technology that could be recycled by artists today.

The assignment: identify one or more ideas of interest from kinetic art, light art, video art or Art and Technology that you would like to remake, and explain in a short presentation.