BA IT2 Week 6

Art and the Internet

Telematics, Networking and Interactivity

Reading Material

Web Work: A History of Internet Art – May 2000, Artforum, by Rachel Greene (Downloadable PDF)

Ten Myths of Internet Art – Jon Ippolito

Online Exhibition at SFMOMA: 010101: Art in Technological Times (from July 2001)

An Introduction to Roy Ascott and Telematics

Is There Love in the Telematic Embrace? – Ascott

Communication Game – Paper

The Cybernetic Stance – Ascott

Lecture Notes

Art and the Internet – Part 1 of the lecture

Net Art – Part 2 of the Lecture

NetArt1_Slides – Slideshow of Part 1 of the lecture

Cybernetic and Interactive Art – Lecture_slides