BA IT2 Week 10

The Computer Art debate: questions about computer use in the visual arts:

Grayson Perry’s key questions about digital art:

  1. Grayson Perry discusses digital technology and art
  2. Perry’s recent Walthamstow Tapestry
  3. Art and video games: Tom Chatfield
    - Overview
    - A review of Chatfield’s new book about the games industry Fun Inc
  4. “Videogames: the great underrated art” by Andrew Hirst
  5. Are Video Games art?- Aaron Smuts
  6. Videogames, interactivity and art – Grant Tavinor
  7. A response to film critic Roger Ebert’s article that videogames can never be art:
  8. Ian Bogost on the same issue
  9. 02 – Editorial – Computers, Art and Context – Resch
  10. 06 – Fractals and an Art for the Sake of Science – Mandelbrot
  11. The Image in the Magic Box – Sokolove
  12. The Digital Revolution – Goodman