Diversifying Art and Design Practices in an Age of Uncertainty

Posted: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 11:53

Diversifying Art and Design Practices in an Age of Uncertainty

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This panel explores alternative ways of discovering physical and digital making in the time of Covid19


HEIs, Art and Design students, academic staff members and Creative Industries around the globe require additional support through this difficult period. This discussion will exchange ideas and consider innovative art and design pedagogic practices. It will explore alternative ways of discovering physical making and will debate digital making in our current landscape through innovative or less innovative creative methods during the COVID-19; and will inform the diverse and creative societies how our inclusive practices could produce graduates with extensive discipline knowledge and portfolios of high-quality standards.

Panel Chair: Dr Anastasios Maragiannis | Diversity Inclusivity Design, University of Greenwich

Panel Members:

Prof Gillian Youngs | Digital Art Economies
Dr Stacey Pitsillides | Senior Fellow Digital Death, Northumbria University
Prof Gloria Kondrup | Director Art Centre College of Design California
Simon Herron | Architecture | School of Design University of Greenwich

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