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From 2002 to 2005 the CACHe Project was based at the Vasari Lab in the School of History of Art and Visual Media, Birkbeck, University of London. It digitised and catalogued the image holdings of the Computer Arts Society and several other archives that charted the development of computer-based art in the UK. These archives offer a unique record of the evolution of digital imagery in the 1960s and 1970s. The core archive of artworks collected by the Computer Arts Society has now been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum and is part of their Computer Art Collections.

A selection of the images catalogued during the CACHe project are shown here. More can be found on the CACHe CAS Archive Numerical Listing web page. Links to the V&A Collections web page for the image - or a similar image in the collection - can be found in the image details.

A Selection of Images from the Collection

Dave Caulkins
2 Turn Spiral Around Spiral
Plotter Print, 750mm x 1000mm

Georg Nees
Schotter (1968-1970)
Plotter Print, 655mm x 999mm
CAS/A/0006 [V&A]

C. Csuri and J. Shaffer
Random War (1967)
Colour Silkscreen, 720mm x 500mm
CAS/A/0011 [V&A]

Edward Ihnatowicz
Drawing (1980)
Colour Plotter Print, 238mm x 353mm
CAS/A/0014 [V&A]

Marcus T C West
Geometrical Lotus (1967)
Lithograph, 600mm x 840mm
CAS/A/0045 [V&A]

Manfred Mohr
CAS/A/0060 [V&A]

Manuel Barbadillo
Typical Output (1968-1972)
Print on Paper
CAS/A/0089 [V&A]

Herbert W Franke
Analogue Computer Art (1961)
Print on Paper, 670mm x 500mm
CAS/A/0094 [V&A]

The Computer Technique Group
Return to Square (1969)
Print on Paper
CAS/A/0105 [V&A]

John Lansdown
Portrait (1970)
Print on Paper, 490mm x 600mm
CAS/A/0106 [V&A]

Paul Brown
BIG DIM (1979)
Plotter Print, 510mm x 550mm
CAS/A/0193 [V&A]

Wade Shaw
Print (1970)
Print on Paper, 240mm x 236mm
CAS/A/0205 [V&A]

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