Event One

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March 1969

Event One was the first exhibition from the newly-formed Computer Arts Society. It took place at Royal College of Art in 1969 and featured work across a wide range of disciplines. Documentation of the event is scarce, however, the catalogue is still available [1] and the exhibition is generally regarded as significant in the development of media art in the UK, and globally [2]. Event One was reviewed in the first issue of PAGE, the Computer Arts Society's journal [3].


Computer Art for Theatrical Performance. Paper by John Lansdown

Introduction by Catherine Mason

R John Lansdown (1929-1999) was British architect, innovator of early CAD techniques in architectural design and planning, and pioneer of computer graphics and animation. He was one of the co-founders, along with Alan Sutcliffe and George Mallen of the Computer Arts Society. In 1988 he became Professor and Head of the Centre for Computer Aided Art & Design at Middlesex University, then Dean of the Department of Art, Design and Performing Arts then, finally, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University. The Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts is named in honour of him.

This undated paper was given at Event One, the first public exhibition of the Computer Arts Society in 1969 at the Royal College of Art and describes programs he wrote for dancers and actors. The computer-choreographed Theatrical Sword Fight and ballet described within were performed at Event One. Both performances were featured, together with footage of Lansdown using a teletype, on the BBC television programme Tomorrow's World 26 March 1969. The Ballet was later performed at The Place in Euston in 1972. Lansdown also wrote programs for a Custard Pie routine (performed at Datafair in London, 1975).

Note: the author has omitted to number a page 14 – calling it 13a.

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