Genetic Moo

Genetic Moo
Birth of the Sun, after Robert Fludd (2018)
50cm x 50cm Digital Drawing

The English Hermetic Philosopher Robert Fludd (1574-1637) wrote an elaborate treatise on creation which contained his unique cosmological thoughts and was illustrated with explosively elegant etchings. Fludd theorised that all species and things emerged from dark chaos, brought forth by a divine light. The images contained suns, rays, swirling geometries and clouds.

This print was written in Processing - a programming language for artists. Images can be generated by layering simple geometric elements on top of each other building up intricate patterns. At first, images are necessarily mathematical but as one learns more techniques including transformations, recursion and noise, complex life-like images can be developed.

In this print, the hard geometries were written by Nicola who, at the time, was relatively new to Processing. The recursive growth in the corner was programmed by Tim. A balance of order and chaos.

Genetic Moo is an artist duo made up creative coding couple Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. We are interactive artists. We build living installations in pixels and light. In dark spaces, you can interact with projected fantastical creatures or immerse yourself in ever-changing digital ecosystems. We're inspired by popular science, particularly in the areas of ecology, symbiosis, morphology, mutation and artificial life. We organise group shows in digital art and run the Schauerman Prize.

We have shown extensively in the UK and abroad, including The Science Centre, Singapore; Eureka! Halifax; LABoral, Gijon; Watermans, London; ICC Open Sky Gallery, Hong Kong; Dreamland, Margate; D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee; Glastonbury; The Wellcome Collection; The Old Vic Tunnels. We work closely with the Lumen Prize, CAS, Dreamland Margate, HKD & Marine Studios. We are members of The London Group and associate artists at Spare Tyre.

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