Sue Gollifer

Sue Gollifer
Untitled (1969)
22" x 23" Screenprint. Signed

Sue Gollifer works at the intersection of art and technology. As someone who works as an artist, curator, organiser, professor, researcher, chair and board member she embodies this intersection across many venues. A pioneer of early computer art, she has continuously explored the relationship between technology and the arts and has written extensively on this subject.

Although formally trained as a Fine Artist and not as a Computer Scientist and in the early years and had no access to computer facilities, she instead turned her self into a computer. Her work is held in both national and international public and private collections.

She is the Executive Director of the ISEA International Headquarters, and is on a number of National and International Committees, including the ACM Digital Art Community (DAC), Computer Arts Society (CAS) and Phoenix Brighton. She has been a curator of a number of International Digital Art Exhibitions including, ArCade, the UK Open International Biennale Exhibition, of Digital Fine Art Prints 1995 – 2007 and the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Exhibition'04: Synaesthesia and the "Intuition and Ingenuity" art exhibition to celebrate the Alan Turing Centenary 2012 and the HOT PLATE Exhibition (2010) & William Latham Exhibition Mutator 1 & 2 (2013) at Phoenix, Brighton.

She is on the Editorial Board of Digital Creativity, a referred journal published by Routledge, and is the art editor and curator of the visual section 'Artist Space', which examines the work of artists and printmakers using digital technology.

In 2006 she was awarded an iDMAa Award, The International Digital Media Arts Award for her 'Exceptional Services to the International New Media Community'.

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