EVA London 2008

BCS Covent Garden, London, UK 22nd – 24th July 2008

S. Dunn, S. Keene, G. Mallen, and J.P. Bowen (eds.) EVA London 2008: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 22-24 July 2008. BCS, 2008. ISBN: 978-1-906124-07-6.



Matthias ArnoldBuddhist stone scriptures from Shandong, ChinaPaper
Helen Bailey, James Hewison and Martin TurnerChoreographic morphologies: digital visualisation of spatio-temporal structure in dance and the implications for performance and documentationsPaper
Massimo Bertoncini and Irene BuonaziaEmotional interfaces in performing arts: the Callas projectPaper
Christin Bolewski'Shan-Shui-Hua' - traditional Chinese landscape painting reinterpreted as moving digital visualisationPaper
David Bradshaw and Kia NgAnalyzing a conductors gestures with the WiimotePaper
Rony Cesana, Maria Masci and Andrea VecchiA new information system for the superintendence of Pompeii: integration, management and preservation of archaeological digital resources in the perspective of interoperability with European digital librariesPaper
Yvonne Desmond, John McAuley, Evin McCarthy, Ciaran McDonnell, Charles Pritchard and Pat DonlonArtlog: archiving the artistic processPaper
Lisa DieckmannPrometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and education goes international!Paper
Steve DiPaolaThe trace and the gaze: textural agency in Rembrandt's late portraiture from a vision science perspectivePaper
Douglas DoddsComputer art and technocultures: evaluating the V & A's collections in the digital agePaper
Rebecca GambleOnline encounters: a new method of creating participatory artPaper
Murat GermenRedesigning architecture through photographyPaper
Mick GriersonMaking music with images: interactive audiovisual performance systems for the deafPaper
Rachel HannVisualized arguments: or how to pierce the persuasive visualization and other argumentsPaper
Mona Hess, Francesca Simon Millar, Yean-Hoon Ong, Stuart Robson, Graeme Were, Ian Brown and Sally MacDonald3D colour scans for object assessmentPaper
Michael HohlBeyond graphs or charts: visualising web statistics with natural displays in physical spacePaper
Wei-Kuang LiuEnvisioning everyday life: explorations of visualization techniques in TaiwanPaper
Peter MaloneyFilm as database: a visual analysis of 2001: A Space OdysseyPaper
Lynne Minett and Carl GavinThe Middleton Mystery: an adventure at Belsay Hall' interpreting heritage through the design and development of a computer gamePaper
Martin Naef and Cathie BoydTesting the living canvas on stagePaper
Kia NgTechnology-enhanced learning for music with i-Maestro framework and toolsPaper
Charles O'Neill and Kia NgHearing images: interactive sonification interface for imagesPaper
Tim O'RileyThe other world: a fictional orbitPaper
Maggie Parker, Clive Fencott and Paul van SchaikHaute Couture, Haute Cuisine, Haute GamesPaper
Colin Price'Unrealart' A new medium for artistic expression using a commercial game engine: galleries and installationsPaper
Angela Russo and Jerry WatkinsNew literacy, new audiences: social media and cultural institutionsPaper
Janet Tatlock, Jolene Debert and Samantha LackeyLearning and enquiry via collections in real and virtual worldsPaper
Roma Patel and Deborah TuckNarrating the past: virtual environments and narrativePaper
Deborah Wilson and Mike WilmanDesigning interactive multimedia heritage content for mobile and small screen devicesPaper
Veronica ZammittoVisualization techniques in video gamesPaper