Radical Ecology: Sustainable Media Art

Radical Ecology: Sustainable Media Art

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019, 18:30 - 21:30

Venue: Ugly Duck, London

This year has seen global demonstrations about the ecological climate crisis. Our generation is said to be the last that has the power to prevent catastrophic global warming, yet what can we do to make a difference? Our June event will look to art as a forum where future possibilities can be explored and provide a discursive setting to explore these subjects in a media art context.

If we think of art as a tool with which artists are able to explore and raise questions about our human existence, the lives we lead and the society we inhabit, then media artists are right at the forefront of this discourse. They work with technology, innovation and look towards the future but are forced into a dialogue with our throw-away consumer culture as part of their process. Radical Ecology invites a number of key artists and thinkers exploring climate change, ecology, sustainable practice and conservation within their work.

There will be an exhibition that will accompany the talks program and we will begin the evening with a series of short talks from the speakers. Tilly Hogrebe from Bowarts will speak about a collaborative project formed on the Accelerator program with Julie's Bicycle exploring how to support artists and their studios to be more sustainable. Oskar Krajewski will discuss his complex recycled creations, Becky Lyon will explore a future where biology and technology are combined and Aphra Shemza will speak about her Arts Council funded project Solutions for a Sustainable Art Practice. Following on from this Laura Pando will host a panel discussion where together we will explore what artists can do to be mindful of their environmental impact, consider its conservation and look at how art can be used as a tool to imagine alternative futures.

Tags: Flux, Talk

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