EVA London 2020

Online 16th - 19th November 2020

The 30th anniversary EVA London 2020 conference was due place from 6th – 9th July 2020. However due to the pandemic, we delayed the conference until Monday 16th November – Thursday 19th November 2020, with workshops on Friday 20th November 2020.

The papers are published online via ScienceOpen by the BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT, in the series: Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC) Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2020). DOI 10.14236/ewic/EVA2020.0 – see also DBLP access.

J. Weinel, J.P. Bowen, G. Diprose, and N. Lambert (eds.) EVA London 2020: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference to be held online in November. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2020. ISBN 978-1-78017-538-6.


Papers and Presentations

Plase Note: The video recordings are basic edits and will include any connection glitches.

Monday 16th November 2020
Session 1 – Chair: Jon Weinel
1Moshe Caine, Doron Altaratz, Eytan Mann & Adam HavkiThe Spirit of the Cloud: The ‘New Jerusalem’ as a metaphor for social experiences of virtual technologiesPaperVideo
2Matthew Riley, Uyen Nguyen, Duy Phuong Nguyen & Max PiantoniYomeciLand x Bunjil Place: The sounding body as playPaperVideo
3Ann Borda & Jonathan P. BowenTuring’s Sunflowers: Public research and the role of museumsPaperVideo
Session 2 – Chair: Jon Weinel
4Jonathan WeinelVisualising Rave Music in Virtual Reality: Symbolic and interactive approachesPaperVideo
5Kira Zhigalina & Ivan IsakovFrom Symbiosis to SYM: Wider applications for biofeedback artPaperVideo
6Stuart DunnNetworks of Objects or Objects as Networks? Rethinking digital art history (again)PaperVideo
Session 3 – Chair: Tula Giannini
7Laura FernandezOrgaz IntangiblesPaperVideo
8Anna Shvets & Samer Darkazanli Graphs in Harmony Learning: A.I. assisted VR applicationPaperVideo
9Milton Mermikides, Peter Zinovieff & Anne-Marie Curran-CundyRevisiting December Hollow: Unearthing emotional shape PaperVideo
10Dominik Lengyel & Catherine ToulouseArtificial Imagination Induced by Visualised Hypotheses in ArchaeologyPaperVideo
11Brian WichmannTilingsearch.org: A searchable repository of Islamic geometric patternsPaperVideo
12Tula Giannini, Jonathan P. BowenComputing the Future: Digital encounters in art and science when da Vinci meets TuringPaperVideo
EVESean Clark, Geoff Davis, Brian Reffin Smith and Nick LambertThe Computer Arts Society Introduces The Computer Arts Archive-Video
Tuesday 17th November 2020
Session 4 – Chair: : Graham Diprose
1Eugenia S. Kim, Kim Vincs & John McCormickOncheon: Learning to perform motion trails for virtual spacesPaperVideo
2Ron YakirTouch and Go: On the use of proprioception to convey a meaningful experience in virtual realityPaperVideo
3Shuai XuBlack in White – Magnetic in PaperPaperVideo
Session 5 – Chair: Carl Smith
4Oliver Mag Gingrich, Aphra Shemza & Maria AlmenaTransformations: New media art between communities and professional practicePaperVideo
5Amanda EgbeVeils and Sensors: An artistic intervention with archival moving image materialPaperVideo
6Carl H. SmithLiving in Parallel: Adventures in pluralism and double consciousnessPaperVideo
7Arthur MillerThe World of AI-Powered CreativityPaperVideo
Session 6 – Chair: Terry Trickett
8Andy LomasEnhancing Perception of Complex Sculptural Forms Using Interactive Realtime Ray TracingPaperVideo
9Fion Gunn, Maureen Kendal & Mehmet MullaAn Exploration of How Artists Use Immersive Technologies to Promote InclusivityPaperVideo
10Carla CapetoDramaturgy of Robots and MachinesPaperVideo
11Anastasia SychevaStudent IDs Cards-Video
12Tony Langford and Tamara RussellImmersive Content-Video
13Oliver Mag Gingrich, Paola D’Albore, Eugenia Emets, Alan Renaud, David NegraoConnections: Participatory art as a factor for social cohesionPaperVideo
14Terry TrickettExperiencing Visual Music From an Artist’s and Listener’s Point of ViewPaperVideo
EVEEU-funded "Code Reality" meet-up on Mixed Reality--
Wednesday 18th November 2020
Session 7 – Chair: Jonathan Bowen
1Giuliano Gaia, Stefania Boiano, Jonathan P. Bowen & Ann BordaMuseum Websites of the First Wave: The rise of the virtual museumPaperVideo
2Jonathan P. BowenMuseums and the World Wide Web Virtual Library-Video
3Catarina Sampaio & Luísa RibasOn Data Portraits: An analysis of creative approaches to the visualisation of personal dataPaperVideo
Session 8 – Chair: Jonathan Bowen
4Maria Kallionpää & Hans-Peter GasselsederBack to the Future and Forward to the Past: Zukunftsmusik and the aesthetics of immersive classical music experiencePaperVideo
5Javier Pereda, Patricia A. Murrieta-Flores, Nicholas Radburn, Lois South & Christian MonaghanAfrobits: An interactive installation of African music and the Trans-Atlantic slave tradePaperVideo
6Marina Vesic-EderBorder-Crossing Female Artists Between Experimental and Popular Music From 1970 to the Present Day in Serbia and Bosnia & HerzegovinaPaperVideo
7Sean ClarkThe Computer Arts ArchivePaperVideo
Session 9 – Chair: Sarah McDaid
8Christopher MaraffiUsing XR Technology to Enhance Museum Exhibits and Historical Sites-Video
9Matt Adams, Jocelyn Spence, Sarah Clark, Ju Row Farr, Steve Benford & Nick TandavanitjFrom Sharing To Gifting: A web app for deepening engagementPaperVideo
10Taekyeom Lee & Yeohyun AhnTangible TYPE + CODEPaperVideo
11Yeohyun AhnTYPE + CODE VII: Typographic selfie + codePaperVideo
12Oliver Mag Gingrich, Shama RahmanZeitgeist: Window to your mindPaperVideo
EVEFlux Event Online - Shifting Ground: An exploration of media art & cultural heritage--
Thursday 19th November 2020
Session 10 – Chair: Nick Lambert
1Ross Williams, Benjamin Seide & Elke ReinhuberAn Evaluation of Different Strategies to Represent Performance in a Tropical Garden for Immersive EnvironmentsPaperVideo
2Hannes RallShakesVR: Redefining narrative strategies for linear storytelling in a fully immersive environmentPaperVideo
3Jonathan P. BowenA Personal View of EVA London: Past, Present, FuturePaperVideo
Session 11 – Chair: Terry Trickett
4Liviu PopDemocraicy-Video
5Daniela de PaulisThe Dream of ScipioPaperVideo
6Eunice G. DuarteUnder the Surface of Images: Low-tech images produced by handheld devices for performance practicePaperVideo
7Terry TrickettKeynote: EVA International EVA conferences-Video
Session 12 – Chair: Graham Diprose
8Anna Notarotate of the Art: A.I. through the (artificial) artist’s eyePaperVideo
9Dave Everitt & Fania RaczinskiCreative Visualisation of Magic SquaresPaperVideo
10Jānis GarančsIn Flow Between Fascination, Awe, Despair and Trance: Algorithmically controlled live online trading experiencePaperVideo
11André RangelRe-Visiting and Re-Coding Classic Algorithmic ArtPaperVideo
12Nick Lambert, Mike Smith & Jazz RasoolDesigning an Augmented Reality Exhibition: Leonardo’s Impossible MachinePaperVideo
13Carl H. Smith & Eddie CastañedaTechno-HyperhumanismPaperVideo
EVAEVA Online Social Event--
Friday 20th November 2020
1Eyal Gruss, et al.Deep Learning Generative Methods for Manipulating Visual Imagery-Video
2Carl Smith, Eddie CastañedaTechno Hyper-Humanism--