EVA London 2009

BCS Covent Garden, London, UK 6th – 8th July 2009

A. Seal, S. Keene, and J.P. Bowen (eds.). EVA London 2009: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 6-8 July 2009. BCS, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-906124-17-5.



Session 1: Reconstructive Archaeology
Paul BryanRecording Prehistoric Rock-art: A Three Dimensional ApproacPaper
Hugh CorleyTagged: Digital Photography and ArchaeologistsPaper
Graeme Earl, Gareth Beale, Jassim Happa, Mark Williams, Glen Turley, Kirk Martinez and Alan ChalmersA Re-Painted AmazonPaper
Session 2: Digital History
Martyn JessopThe Domesday Book: Visualization Tools to Explore Identity at the start of the Second MillenniumPaper
Nic Earle and Shelley HalesPompeii in the Crystal Palace: Comparing Victorian and Modern Virtual, Immersive EnvironmentsPaper
Oana Gui, Ioan Petrescu, Theo Muresan, Oana Mara Gui, Radu Solovastru, Paul Valentin Borza and Dan DumitrescuConsiderations Regarding the use of the Biologically Inspired Retinex Algorithm in Art Conservation-RestorationPaper
Session 3: Digital History
Mathias FuchsDigital TudorPaper
Crandall ShifflettPaspahegh: Visualizing a Seventeenth-Century Algonquian Indian Village in the Virginia ChesapeakePaper
Jane DevineMejia Online Exhibitions and Archives: A Collaborative Project for Teaching and Learning in DesignPaper
Session 4: Virtual Museology
James ColtrainA Picture is Worth 1,000 Pasts: How 3D Virtual Reconstructions Can Bridge the Gap Between Visitor Interest and Scholarly DebatePaper
Angelina RussoOur Space: The Convergance of Cultural Interactive Experiences and Distributed Innovation in MuseumsPaper
Francesca MontiThe Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun at the British Museum: The Digital, the Spectacular, and the Inconspicuous Under One Limestone RoofPaper
Session 5: Digital Arts: History and Theory
Ernest EdmondsNew constructs in Art: Structure, Time, Correspondences and InteractionPaper
Catherine MasonThe Fortieth Anniversary of Event One at the Royal College of ArtPaper
Stefan Zedlacher and Michael StadlerMediated SituationismPaper
Session 6: Digital Arts: Practice
Jeremy GardinerLight Years: Jurassic Coast an Immersive 3D Landscape ProjectPaper
Frank Watson and Dave LawrenceIsles of GrainPaper
Jeehee LeeThe Secret GardenPaper
Session 7: Digital Arts: Concepts
Gordana NovakovicFugue and Variations on some Themes in Art and SciencePaper
Lijia KeRelating Tradition to Innovation within Chinese ArtPaper
Session 8: Digital Arts: Practice
Sophy SmithThe Creative Uses of Facebook as a Tool for Artistic CollaborationPaper
Anastasios MaragiannisVisual Arts and 2D - 3DMotion Typo.graphic DesignPaper
Violetta DajanevOpen Access to Digital Culture for Non-Professional CreativesPaper
Session 9: Interfaces and Tracking
Gordana NovakovicThe Interface behind the FacePaper
Myrto KaranikaStrings: A Haptic InterfacePaper
Mariza Dima, John Lee, Mark Wright, Abi Ullattil and Xiaoqing CaoDesigning a HapticallyExtended Interface for Digitally Animating 3D Articulated CharactersPaper
Amir SoltaniPanohaptic Interface for Architectural Filmic ImprovisationPaper
Session 10: Digital Performance
Carl SmithThe Unit of Construction + the Multiple Point of View = the Evolution of FormPaper
Session 11: Immersive Environments
Thomas Duncan and Noel McCauleyNarrative Space Architecture and Digital MediaPaper
Colin B. Price, June S. Moore and Joanne M. KuzmaDeconstruction-reconstruction of Computer Game and Immersive Environment SemioticsPaper
Joanne Tompkins and Matt DelbridgeUsing Virtual Reality Modelling in Cultural Management, Archiving and ResearchPaper
Session 12: Computers, Music and Things
Mick GriersonPlundermatics: Real-time Interactive Media Segmentation for Audiovisual Analysis, Composition and PerformancePaper
Tom Keene and Kypros KyprianouAristotle's OfficePaper