EVA London 2014

BCS Covent Garden, London, UK 8th - §0th July 2014

K. Ng, J.P. Bowen, and S. McDaid (eds.) EVA London 2014: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 8-10 July 2014. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2014.



Seeing music and performance
Alexander Deweppe, Nuno Diniz, Pieter Coussement and Marc LemanEngaging Audiences through a Participatory Design Approach with the Interactive Music Installation 'SoundField'Paper
Anna Shvets and Charles de Paiva SantanaModelling Arvo Pärt's Music with OpenMusicPaper
Kia Ng, Joanne Armitage and Alex McLeanThe Colour of Music: Real-time Music Visualisation with Synaesthetic Sound-colour MappingPaper
Sally Jane NormanLive Engagement with DataPaper
Electronic art
João dos SantosMoving Drawings. A Digital Mediation for the Linear Drawing Metaphor: the Line as the Trace Left by a Moving Point (Rawson)Paper
Iris AsafThe Poetic and the Thoughtful: The Creative Poiesis of Algorithmic Art and DesignPaper
Michael Lesk and Annamarie KloseSummarising PicturesPaper
Eunice Goncalves DuarteX Stories of a Technology Breakdown: How Digital Tools Influence Aesthetic and Artistic OptionsPaper
SImaging technology for culture
David Lyons and David R. FlatlaEye For An EyePaper
Francesca Uccheddu, Anna Pelagotti, Vito Cappellini and Emanuela Massa 3DTechnologies for Measurement of Painting Surface Deformations: A Case StudyPaper
Clare Brennan and Lynn ParkerAnimating Dance and Dancing with Animation: A Retrospective of Forever Falling NowherePaper
Lee WagstaffTransforming Photographs into SculpturesPaper
Visualising the body
Xin Tong, Diane Gromala, Chris Shaw and Patrick ClarkeTransformation between Electronic Arts and Chronic Pain: Long-term Body Activity Data Visualisation and Pain Animation ExpressionPaper
Jiann HughesBB got your Beat: Visualising Heartbeats within a Biosensing ArtworkPaper
Angela Chang, Selene Mota and Henry LiebermanGestureNet: A Common Sense Approach to Physical Activity SimilarityPaper
Licia Calvi, Hans Bouwknegt, Moniek Hover, Frank Ouwens, Juriaan van Waalwijk and Albert van SchendelExperiencing Van Gogh’s Heritage: A Case StudyPaper
Laura Carletti, Dominic Price, Gabriella Giannachi, Rebecca Sinker, Derek McAuley and John StackArt Maps - Putting the Tate Collection on the MapPaper
Research workshop
Elena Gaevskaya and Tayanan LaskaWays of Access to Virtual Cultural HeritagePaper
Elke ReinhuberCounterfactuals in Media ArtsPaper
Lorna MooreIn[bodi]mental: Body Swapping - A Choreography of Shared Selves using Real-time VideoPaper
Beth Woodward Alvarez and Ramon PalauThe Performance Effects of Online Video Tutorials on Secondary School String Orchestra StudentsPaper
Rehan ZiaTonemapping Multi-shot Digital Photographs of Real World EnvironmentsPaper
Hannah L. JacobsVisualising the New WomanPaper
Beatrice Bretherton and Roger WattMusic and MotionPaper
James RosindellBig Data Visualisation with Fractal GeometryPaper
Anna NazarovaHow can Typography be Represented in an Alter-modernity Context?Paper
Clare PlumleyBrain in Pain: Body Mapping, Pain Visualisation and Mapping the InvisiblePaper
Leonie DunlopBeasts and Bodies: Visualising the Landscape through Place-namesPaper
Dion RezkiSocio-digital-visualisations as Positive-reinforcement Mechanisms for Encouraging Pro-social and Constructive BehavioursPaper
Museums and collections
Suzanne KeeneMuseums and the Digital: The View from the Micro GalleryPaper
Alison TaubmanCybraphon: Collecting the Physical or the Digital at National Museums Scotland?Paper
Derek J. SmithTrench Gothic: The Computer Visualisation of a Disturbing Great War ArtworkPaper
Lizzie Jackson'Findability': A Central Issue for Quality Media in a Networked WorldPaper
Communities and the digital
Camille C. BakerICT&ART Connect: Connecting ICT & Art Communities - Early OutcomesPaper
Angela Chang, Lidet Tilahun and Cynthia BreazealVisualisations of Data from the Literacy Tablet Reading Project in Rural EthiopiaPaper
Moshe Caine, Eyal Tagar and Idit Ben OrUnfolding Communities: Imaging the Past, Envisioning the FuturePaper
Joanna MollSurveillance through Social Networks along the US-Mexico BoardPaper
Lampros Stergioulas, Munir Abbasi and Carl SmithTechnology Futures for the Creative Industries: Presenting the Cr-eAM RoadmapsPaper
Visualising landscapes
Kieran BaxterGrounding the Aerial: The Observer's View in Digital Visualisation for Built HeritagePaper
Daniel BuzzoTime Travel: Time DilationPaper
Stuart DunnCrowd-Sourced Cartography to Visualise the Forgotten: Mapping Britain's Corpse RoadsPaper
Tessa Morrison and Mark RubinUsing Visualisation to Test Historical Utopian Cities on a Modern AudiencePaper
Cameron Beckfield and J C DiazTulsa's Art Deco Cross-Platform Mobile Tour AppPaper
Amy RobinsonThe Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection Project at the University for the Creative ArtsPaper
Jonathan Weinel, Stuart Cunningham, Nathan Roberts, Shaun Roberts and Darryl GriffithsEEG as a Controller for Psychedelic Visual Music in an Immersive Dome EnvironmentPaper
Toby Gifford, Simon Linke and Leah BarclayListening to the ThamesPaper
Imaging, music and performance
Lindsay MacDonald, Ali H. Ahmadabadian, Stuart Robson and Ian GibbHigh Art Revisited: A Photogrammetric ApproachPaper
Helena Bisby, Adam Cooper, Stephen James, Alec Robertson and Kia NgA Tactile Audio Visual Instrument using Sound Source LocalisationPaper
Damian Keller, Nuno Otero, Victor Lazzarini, Marcelo Soares Pimenta, Maria Helena de Lima, Marcelo Johann and Leandro CostalongaRelational Properties in Interaction Aesthetics: The Ubiquitous Music TurnPaper
Kia Ng, Alex McLean and Alan MarsdenBig Data Optical Music Recognition with Multi Images and Multi RecognisersPaper
Chiara PassaThe Widget Art GalleryPaper
Frederico Visi, Duncan Williams, Eduardo Miranda and Giovanni DothelAn Immersive Media Model of Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisPaper
Terry TrickettVisual MusicPaper
Leigh Garrett, Robin Burgess, Amy Robinson and Anne SpaldingExploring Research Data Management in the Visual ArtsPaper
EVA London birthday panel
James R. HemsleyTwenty Five Years Ago: Still Looking at the FuturePaper
Augmented reality
Kevin Whiteside, Gentry Atkinson, Mary Mikel Stump, Dan Tamir and Grayson LawrenceMusing: Adaptable Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Museums and Art GalleriesPaper
Roma Patel and Deborah TuckNarrative Approaches to Design Multi-screen Augmented Reality ExperiencesPaper
Carl H. SmithContext Engineering Hybrid Spaces for Perceptual AugmentationPaper
Tom Wickham-JonesExploring the Beauty of Mathematics with MathematicaPaper
3D imaging
Jeni Maleshkova and Matthew PurverBeyond the White Cube: Presentation of Visual Art in Interactive 3D EnvironmentsPaper
Hartmut Schwandt and Joachim Weinhold3D Technologies for Museums in BerlinPaper
Bernd Breuckmann25 Years of High Definition 3D Scanning: History, Start of the Art, outlookPaper
Martin Doerr, Ioannis Chrysakis, Anastasia Axaridou, Maria Theodoridou, Christos Georgis and Emmanuel MaravelakisA Framework for Maintaining Provenance Information of Cultural Heritage 3D-modelsPaper
Renick BellData Visualisation Tools for Enhancing Live Coding Usability and Audience ExperiencePaper
David BouchardData MaterialityPaper
Kristina Mettus and Anna NazarovaFundamental Research in Cosmoparticle Physics and the Visualisation: Symbiosis or graphics and conceptualisationPaper
Jeremy C. CreaseyCreating Pictures in Quick Response CodesPaper
Franco Niccolucci and Paola RonzinoLearning Opportunities for Sharing Data in the ARIADNE ProjectPaper
Oliver Gingrich, Evgenia Emets and Alain RenaudTransmission - Sonifying, Visualising and Analysing Neural Activity through TelepresencePaper
Calliope GeorousiInnovating iTV Browsing: Designing an Affective Search EnginePaper
Murat GermenThe Unstoppable Rise of Mobile Imaging and AestheticsPaper
Ajay Kumar TiwariVisualisation Strategies in Abstract AnimationPaper
Andre MurnieksConnecting with Users through Interactive Prototyping: Understanding User Behaviour through Building the Black Box and its Electronic InnardsPaper
Gretchen Andrus AndrewWearable Technology and Electronic Visualisation of Artistic Process: Google Glass meets Fine Art PaintingPaper
Digital enhanced reality
Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard and Ebbe Sloth AndersenSeeing Streptococcus pneumoniae, a Common Killer BacteriaPaper
Jonathan P. Bowen and Tula GianniniDigitalism: The New Realism?Paper