EVA London 2018

BCS Covent Garden, London, UK 11th - 13th July 2018

J.P. Bowen, J. Weinel, G. Diprose, and N. Lambert (eds.) EVA London 2018: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 11th-13th July 2018. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2018.



Jonathan P. Bowen, Tula Giannini, Gareth Polmeer, Carla Gannis, Jeremy Gardiner, Jonathan Kearney, Bruce Wands & Jon WeinelStates of Being: Art and identity in digital space and timePaper
Virtual Space & Architecture
Hanna Haaslahti & Tyler HenryCosmetic SpacePaper
J. Kirk IrwinGeo-locating Ruskin's Mornings in Florence and Jeanneret's Sketches and Watercolours from his 1907 VoyagePaper
Lindsay W. MacDonald, Erica Nocerino, Stuart Robson & Mona Hess3D Reconstruction in an Illumination DomePaper
Robert B. LisekAIA: Artificial intelligence for artPaper
Art, Heritage & the Internet
Han BaoReview of Chinese Social Media Platforms Focusing on WeChat and Weibo: Digital curating and cultural promotionsPaper
Rameshnath Krishnasamy, Sara Khan & Claudio GermakMixed Reality Game Using Bluetooth Beacons for ExhibitionsPaper
Digital Futures
Irini Papadimitriou & Jonathan P. BowenDigital Futures: Exhibits at EVA London 2018Paper
Digital Art & Conservation
Bruce Wands25 Years of Curating Digital Art: 1993-2018Paper
Graham Diprose, Michael George & Robin Darwall-SmithAn Alternative Method of Very Long-term Conservation of Digital Images and their Historical Context for The Archive, University College, OxfordPaper
Foteini Valeonti, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Melissa Terras & Chrysanthi ZarkaliReaping the Benefits of Digitisation: Pilot study exploring revenue generation from digitised collections through technological innovationPaper
Anna OlszewskaSenster 2.0: Cultural context of media art curatorshipPaper
Malcolm GarrettNot Merely PhysicalPaper
Art & Exhibitions
Volker Kuchelmeister, Lily Hibberd & Alex DaviesAffect and Place Representation in Immersive Media: The Parragirls Past, Present projectPaper
Katrin Wolf, Jens Reinhardt & Markus FunkVirtual Exhibitions: What do we win and what do we lose?Paper
Esther Rolinson & Sean ClarkDigital Structures and Light MovementsPaper
Digital Emotion
Gretchen AndrewSearch Engine Art: Internet Imperialism and the image in contextPaper
Laura DekkerAn Architecture for an Expressive Responsive MachinePaper
Paul O'DowdRobot Poetics: Toward a materially sensitive drawing robotPaper
Research Workshop
Eugenia S. KimConstructing a Dance Pathography: Integrating the performing arts, multimedia and digital medical humanitiesPaper
Jairo Zaldua & Nicola GreenImaginary FriendsPaper
Francesco Soave & Raffaella FolgieriBrainwaves and Sound Synchronisation in Dance PerformancePaper
Elisavet ChristouInternet Art, Google and Artistic PracticePaper
Liam Noah JefferiesThe New Spectacle: How effective is mobile Augmented Reality as tool for the manifestation of dissent?Paper
Bushra BurgeCostume Embedded Haptics with Virtual Reality for Immersive StorytellingPaper
Otniel Altamirano, Cristina Portugal & Monica MouraTransmedia Digital InclusionPaper
Lydia Smolin & Katrin WolfWho's Watching? A feminist urban video installationPaper
Heritage & Algorithms
Moshe Caine, Doron Altaratz, Lindsay MacDonald & Amit ReemThe Riddle of the Crosses: The Crusaders in the Holy SepulchrePaper
Shing-Tai Pan, Chih-Hung Wu, Chen-Sen Ouyang & Ying-Wei LeeEmotion Recognition from Speech Signals by Using Evolutionary Algorithm and Empirical Mode DecompositionPaper
Rehan ZiaRehan's Zone SystemPaper
Jonathan P. Bowen, Terry Trickett, Jeremy B. A. Green & Andy LomasTuring's Genius - Defining an apt microcosmPaper
Computer Arts Society - CAS 50
Sean Clark & Nick LambertCAS: 50 years of digital artPaper
Museums & Artists
Stefania Boiano, Ann Borda, Guiliano Gaia, Stefania Rossi & Pietro CuomoChatbots and New Audience Opportunities for Museums and Heritage OrganisationsPaper
Tula Giannini & Jonathan P. BowenOf Museums and Digital Culture: A landscape viewPaper
Michele Barker & Anna MunsterMoving Data: Artistic tendencies in visualising human and non-human movementPaper
Aphra ShemzaIt Starts with the Artist: Solutions for a sustainable media arts practicePaper
Cecilie Waagner FalkenstrømARTificial Intelligence: From Frankenstein to FRANKPaper
Science & Art
Maria AlmenaTranscendence: Can live performance art in combination with interactive technology induce altered states of consciousness?Paper
Volker KuchelmeisterThe Virtual (Reality) Museum of Immersive ExperiencesPaper
Aphra Shemza, Oliver Gingrich & Maria AlmenaFLUX Events: Current trends in contemporary media artsPaper
Algorithmic Art
Cristina PortugalGrumari: Digital storytellingPaper
Dario Srbic(De)generative Art: Rules-transgressing algorithmsPaper
Rod DickinsonFear Filter: Visualising the UK terror threat levelPaper
David Pao, John Stevens, Dan Lockton & Netta WeinsteinElectronic Medical Records: Provotype visualisation maximises clinical usabilityPaper
Elke Reinhuber, Ross Williams & Benjamin SeideThe Scale of Immersion: Different audio-visual experiences exemplified by the 360° video Secret DetoursPaper
Demonstrations 1
Nick Lambert, Mehmet Mulla & Seungyeon RyuHoloDash: A holographic interface for autonomous vehiclesPaper
Ian TrueloveUltra-infra: Becoming skinPaper
Phil Shepherd3D Visual ThinkingPaper
3D Spaces
Yi Ji & Sean ClarkThe Virtual Recreation of a Ming Dynasty Pailou GatePaper
Julian StadonTowards a Transdisciplinary Method: Teaching and research practices in immersive spaces and mixed realitiesPaper
Teodora Kuzmanova, Nick Higgett, Mark Sims, Jim Clemmet & Eric Tatham3D Technology as an Effective Tool for Reflection Simulation: The Beagle 2 Lander on MarsPaper
Luca M. Damiani, Kat Braybrooke & John Philip SageTemporary Techno-social Gatherings? A (hacked) discussion about open practicesPaper
Paris Xyntarianos-Tsiropinas, Thomas Spyrou & Konstantinos BailasUsing Design to Support the Creation of Street Art: A three-phase experiment supported by the DDArtS systemPaper
Greg Corness & Kristin CarlsonPhysicalizing Time Through Orientational Metaphors for Generating Rhythmic GesturesPaper
Kate HennessyCollaborative Practices and Decolonial Media Production for MuseumsPaper
John Hillman & Ravi DeepresEntrelacé: How technology, movement and visuals are interlaced in the film design for The Royal Ballet's Woolf WorksPaper
Ágnes Karolina BakkAnalogue and Digital Immersive Experiences: What should digital creators learn from live theatre makers?Paper
James SimpsonHow do you know when you have created a bad production?Paper
Demonstrations 2
Massimiliano TonelliMovies for the Ears to ComePaper
Derek J. SmithOn Cognitive Primitives and Trick PhotographyPaper
Julian StadonRevisiting the Cloud/s: Interfacing open weather data for live audio-visual performancePaper
Batudan BintasCyber Rabbit: Adventures in CyberlandPaper
Tony Langford, Alistair Burleigh, Nicole Ruta & Robert PepperellNew Immersive Media to Broaden Attention and AwarenessPaper
Matthew McGinityLa Dispersion du Fils: Into regions of incomprehensibilityPaper
Carl H Smith & Sarah JamesThe Seventh Ray: A Mixed Reality initiation experiencePaper
Data & Art
Oliver Gingrich, Evgenia Emets & Alain RenaudAura: A holographic brainwave interfacePaper
David UptonThe Invisible ArpPaper
Gareth Proskourine-BarnettFractured PerspectivesPaper
Richard CarterAirbourne Inscription: writing with dronesPaper
Julie WatkinsCreating Affective Visual MusicPaper
Terry TrickettArchitecture as Music, A personal journey, through time and spacePaper
Oliver Gingrich, Evgenia Emets, Alain Renaud & Stephen StansfeldKIMA: Noise: A visual sound installation on urban noisePaper
Research in Education
Nick Lambert & Brigitta ZicsRavensbourne University London: MA and MSc CoursesPaper
Tobias RevellUniversity of the Arts London, London College of Communication. MA Interaction Design CommunicationPaper
Theodoros PapatheodorouGoldsmiths, University of London, MA/MFA in Computational ArtsPaper
Jonathan Gander, Andrew Haslam & Julian RodriguezKingston Schools of Art: Departments of Graphic Design, Illustration Animation, Film & Photography and Cultural IndustriesPaper
Eleanor Dare & Libby HeaneyRoyal College of Art, MA Digital Direction, MA Information Experience DesignPaper
Ian WillcockUniversity of Hertfordshire, Postraduate Media, School of Creative ArtsPaper
Damon Daylamani-Zad & DarrenlloydGent University of Greenwich, BSc (Hons) Games Design and DevelopmentPaper
Lizzie JacksonLondon South Bank University, School of Arts and Creative IndustriesPaper