CAS Members' Exhibition 2024
July - November 2024
BCS Moorgate, London

Following the 2023 CAS members' show, we are happy to announce that the CAS Members' Exhibition 2024 is now open for entry. We are looking for printable artwork that will be exhibited at BCS Moorgate in London from July until November 2024. 20 works will be selected by the CAS committee for inclusion. The artworks will be featured in a printed catalogue. The exhibition preview will take place a tBCS Moorgate in London on the 26th June 2024. Following the exhibition, the artwork will be added to the Computer Arts Archive.

To have a digital print considered for inclusion in the CAS Members' Exhibition 2024 please complete the following form. To qualify for consideration you MUST BE A MEMBER of the CAS JISC Mail List and the artwork must have been made AFTER 2020. There can only be ONE ENTRY per artist. We are interested in generative art, AI art where the tools have been used thoughtfully, artwork made with computers that goes beyond illustration and other work that can be printed and displayed in a frame. See the CAS23 Exhibition for details of the work selected last year.

Entries are Now Closed

If your artwork is selected then the information you enter into the submission form (apart from your email address) will be used in the accompanying exhibition notes, on the website, and in the exhibition catalogue.

The image will be printed on 483mm by 329mm paper (A3+) in landscape. It should